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Asset | Economics serves the Bachelor students studying 'Economics' and 'Economics and Business Economics'.


The Bachelor Economics is specialized in teaching students various economic topics. Students learn how people, firms and governments make certain decisions (microeconomics) and how these decisions affect the economy as a whole (macroeconomics). As a student, you learn to use economic models to study and forecast changes in the local and global economic landscape.

In contrast with business studies, which concerns itself with how to run a company, Economics is focused on the environment in which consumers, companies and countries relate to each other.

Business related courses only play a small role in the program in order to allow for a specialized focus on economics, which is expressed in courses such as 'Industrial Economics', 'International Trade', 'Public Sector Economics', and 'Development Economics'.

Economics and Business Economics

The Bachelor Economics and Business Economics is a broad economic study where students analyse current issues from different perspectives. These perspectives include the market in general, the government, and from the perspective of the firm.

After studying a broad economic base in the first year, students will choose a track of interest from the second year onwards: Financial Management, Commercial Management, or Economics & Society.

Besides specific subject knowledge, students are teached how to use modern tools and techniques to be able to individually analyze data, in order to test expectations by using mathematics. Students will also develop a critical economic vision on social themes in the courses of 'Advancing Society'.

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