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Freshmen Committee

Freshmen Committee

The Freshmen Committee organizes social activities for first year students in the area of Economics.

The Freshmen Committee is the perfect start for a first year student who studies 'Economics' or 'Economie en Bedrijfseconomie'. With a group of only first year students, you get the opportunity to organize social and fun activities for your fellow freshmen. Also, you get to organize an educational excursion to Brussels. The Freshmen committee helps you gain experience in doing committee work and allows you to quickly build social contacts. This is not a very intensive committee, so you have plenty of time to pass your exams!

Committee members

Julia Willems

Anne-Constance Gubbels

Albert Van Schoot

Julius Kin

Karsten Tangelder

Yorick Brethouwer

Madelief ter Horst

Coen de Wit