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Within Asset | Economics we have various committees. One of these committees is the blog committee. This commitee writes once a month a blog about a economics related topic. This committee concludes Jacopo Priori, Jesse Steenbergen & Julia Willems. Do you want to join our committee or write a blog for this page, feel free te contact us!

Read the blogs below: 

External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics

Learn more about Joost van Avendonk and his role as External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics.


Joost van Avendonk

Vice - Chairman of Asset | Economics

Learn more about Julia Willems and her role as Vice - Chairman of Asset | Economics.


Julia Willems

What can go wrong when subsidies are given?

A quick overview of the main effects related to subsidies distribution, to have a clearer understanding of how they work and how they can impact society.


Jacopo Priori

Tech Drives AEX to Record High

The Netherlands' stock market index, the AEX,  reached its highest all-time peak.



Jesse van Steenbergen

Chairman of Asset | Economics

Learn more about Silke Krijnen and her role as not only the Chairman of Asset | Economics but also the IT Manager of Asset | Tilburg.



Silke Krijnen

The Student Loan Dilemma: Career and personal life consequences

A collection of points of view about student loans that goes beyond financial implications, to be better informed about their impacts on students’ lives at an individual and a collective level



Jacopo Priori


Read more!

On the verge of a new banking crisis?

Why Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank are not the new Lehman Brothers


Joost Haddinga

NOT the End of the World

Erdogan's Turkey: A Nation at a Political and Economic Crossroads

Does history repeat itself?

On whether China could be the next Soviet Union

The seeming dichotomy between labor and leisure

Is there really a choice between income and leisure?

Machine Learning in Economics: do or don’t?

The intersection of Machine Learning with econometrics has become an important research landscape in economics.

Good and bad taxes

Is there anything like the perfect tax?

The basic grant: why did it disappear in the first place?

The Doom and Gloom of Consulting

Debunking the myths of a prominent profession

The Economics of Everything IV: The Unknown, the Known and the Unexpected

What can we know and where are we actually heading to?

Trussonomics: the biggest U-turn in British economic history