Warandelezing 2020

On November 18, the Warandelezing will be organized for the 24th time. The Warandelezing is a reading about the broad field of sustainability. The goal is to improve the conversation about the issue of sustainability in the province of Noord-Brabant. This year the theme is: "Know what you eat: the need for a new food system".

Prominent guests, like a sustainable entrepreneur, a scientist, a Provincial Executive for Noord-Brabant and the Private Secretary to a European Executive give their view on what a sustainable food system could look like and how this could be realized.

The Warandelezing is organized by the Brabantse MilieufederatieStudium Generale, Tilburg Sustainability Center and study association Asset of Tilburg University.

As there is a very limited amount of spots available for audience, it is possible to follow the Warandelezing via a livestream!

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