Treasurer: Linda Pelzer

A common misconception of the function Treasurer within a board is that we are only busy with bookkeeping. However, I have experienced that it is not only bookkeeping with which a Treasurer within the board of Asset | Economics is busy, and in this blog article, I will tell you all about it. 

Being the Treasurer of an association that serves around 900 members comes with a lot of responsibility, and trust. You are responsible for the financial continuity of the association by taking care of the financial, fiscal and legal affairs of the association. This is done by handling all financial transactions, the invoices incoming and outgoing, and the financial administration. During the year, it is important to closely monitor the budget you have made at the beginning of the year and adjust the expected realization accordingly. It is important to have close contact with the External Affairs Officer of the board and the treasurer of all the committees for this, which makes this function more interactive than you would think. For the Audit of Accounts, you translate the financial administration in Twinfield, our accounting software, to the financial reports. The Audit of Accounts is the organ that controls your finances quarterly, but also helps and advises you when necessary. Next to the tasks in the board of Asset | Economics, I take place in the bi-weekly Treasurers Meeting of Asset together with the other treasurers of the Asset departments to discuss and decide on the budget of Asset General.

Apart from my main tasks as Treasurer, I coordinate the Combi-Symposium Committee, Economics Battle Committee and the Study Tour Committee. As coordinator of a committee, you will learn to have overview of what your committee is doing and find the balance between letting them do their job and your contribution. Next to coordinating some committees, you are also responsible for some projects/tasks as a board member. The projects/activities I organised/am organizing are the Frankfurt Excursion in October, the Christmas Dinner, and the Exchange Dinner. For these projects, you do not have a committee, which means that you can organize events and trips by yourself, from which I learned a lot. Another big task that I got this year is the Webmaster task, which means that I am responsible for the maintenance of the website and the registration for our events. For this task, I attend the Webmaster Meeting of Asset together with the other webmasters of the Asset departments. 

Overall, I think that you can learn a lot during a board year at Asset | Economics. As you can see, you can make it your very own by all the different committees and projects that are possible to be responsible for. I already developed myself professionally as well as personally, and hopefully will learn a lot more during the last few months of my board year. Last but not least, I am excited about the upcoming events and party some more because a board year is not only about the serious stuff!

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