Chairman: Annelotte vroon

The function of Chairman is probably the most unclear and distant function within a board. You are busy with the overall picture, participate in a lot of meetings and are busy with things your other board members don’t know everything about.  The broad and mysterious side of being the Chairman is something I like and have cherished this year. You can achieve a lot and put a print on the association your heart is full of. In this article, I will tell you more about what it is like to be the Chairman of the board and give you more insights into the job. 

As Chairman, you have to be organized, not be afraid to take the lead and have the ability to form an opinion and represent this opinion in intense and hectic discussions. You should not have a 9 to 5 mentality since, even in corona times, my days are full of tasks that have to be completed. The tasks of a Chairman are less tangible than the tasks of the other board members, and therefore more difficult to understand. This does not make the tasks less fun and important. For example, it would be great to implement one of the career events Asset | Economics hosts into a course of the bachelor or master studies we represent. This is a typical example of something you can achieve as Chairman due to your contacts with the Academic Directors and Career Services of the university. 

As you probably know, the Chairmen of the departments are also represented in the general board of Asset. You spent about 50% of your time on this board and 50% of your time on the Asset | Economics board. Within the Asset general board, you are responsible for a portfolio, for which you apply in the summer. These portfolios range from being the public relations officer to being responsible for the finance portfolio. My portfolio is the administration portfolio, in which I guide the Secretaries of all the departments of Asset and am responsible for the tasks of this portfolio. Think about e.g. mailings, membership administration, Study Store and the Asset wide yearplanning. The Asset general board always has a meeting on Tuesday morning. In this, you represent the voice of Asset | Economics, update the other board members about your portfolio and have discussions relating to each department or Asset general.

Despite the fact that you are busy with your own tasks, you still need to know what the other board members are dealing with and what tasks they are working on. This to keep an overview of the association and to be aware of the things happening. It is your task to be aware of everything that is happening in the association and to guide where necessary. 

Just like all the other board members of Asset | Economics, you are responsible for some tasks/projects and committees. This year, I am the coordinator of 5 committees and several tasks and projects like the Thirsty Thursday/Tasty Tuesday and several trainings we offer like LaTeX, Python and R-studio. I learned a lot from being the coordinator of such different committees. The Activities Committee was very informal, while the Business Data Challenge is quite formal. The Alumni Committee has meetings and events that differ from the other committees of Economics, from which you learn a lot as well. Together with the Blog Committee, I learned to build something up from scratch again, and the Yearbook Committee taught me to let things go and give a lot of responsibility to them. As Chairman, you are quite the control freak namely. 

I broadened my network, learned to work together in different teams, learned to present myself and the things I perceive as important, and had a lot of fun. And all of this, in just 1 year time.   

We are striving to have a board with 5 members for the academic year 2020-2021. So, if you’re interested, motivated and want to have an incredibly fun year, do not hesitate and apply for one of the positions available. The application deadline is May 1, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us. 

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