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chairman: Pieke Heunen

Author: Pieke Heunen
March 5, 2021

For the past 8 months, I have had the opportunity to be the chairman of study association Asset | Economics. In this blog, I will tell you more about this exciting experience and try to explain what this position is like. 

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external affairs officer: Marije Kok

Author: Marije Kok
February 26, 2021

Are you interested in what it will bring you to be the External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics? In this article, I will tell you all about what it entails to be the External and I will give you insight into my life as part of the board.

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Vice-chairman: Jeroen de Smet

Author: Jeroen de Smet
February 9, 2021

The main function of a Vice-Chairman of Asset | Economics is maintaining contact with members. However, due to Covid-19, this becomes quite difficult since everything has moved to online contact. Does this mean it makes this function unnecessary? Absolutely not! In this article you will discover why a Vice-Chairman is extremely important in these times in combination with my activities and responsibilities.

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Secretary/external affairs officer: Gijs laros

Author: Gijs Laros
February 4, 2021

This academic year, I am the Secretary/External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics. As the Secretary/External Affairs Officer of the board, you have a variety of responsibilities and possibilities. In this article, you can read more about what these are!

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Treasurer: Marcel van Hoorn

Author: Marcel van Hoorn
January 28, 2021

Being a treasurer, what does that entail? Is it just bookkeeping, or is it a lot more? Well, it certainly is a lot more than just bookkeeping, and that makes it a very interesting, fun and challenging role. In this article you will learn more about what it entails to be a treasurer of Asset | Economics.

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Authors: Marcel van Hoorn & Jeroen de Smet
November 26, 2020

A board year is a year that should always be an unforgettable time of your life. Due to the pandemic, everything is different compared to previous years. As the new board, we have been thrown into the unknown and need to decide what is best, despite having never experienced something like this and not being able to use playbooks from previous years. In this article we take a look at some challenges and opportunities that arise.

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