Treasurer: Marcel van Hoorn

Author: Marcel van Hoorn
January 28, 2021

Being a treasurer, what does that entail? Is it just bookkeeping, or is it a lot more? Well, I can happily say that being a treasurer at Asset | Economics entails a lot more than just bookkeeping, and that certainly makes it a very interesting, fun and challenging role. In this article you will learn all about what it entails to be a treasurer of Asset | Economics.

The main responsibility of a treasurer is the financial continuity of the association by taking care of the financial, fiscal and legal affairs of the association. This entails, among others, taking care of all financial transactions, invoices incoming and outgoing, financial administration and setting budgets. This means a good cooperation with the External Affairs Officer is required, in order to stay up to date on acquisition matters and work on contracts. Also the contact with committee treasurers is important in order to stay up to date on all the budgets. Every quarter the finances of Asset | Economics are checked by the Audit of Accounts for which you need to prepare the quarterly financial pieces. Next to that, they also provide support and advice when necessary. As treasurer of Asset | Economics, I also represent the department in the Treasurers Meeting with all treasures of Asset departments, where we discuss the financial development of the entire organisation and handle the finances of Asset General based on portfolios chosen at the start of the year.

Next to the treasurer tasks, another important aspect of being a board member of Asset | Economics is the coordination of committees and projects/activities. At the start of the board year, it is possible to indicate which of these you like to coordinate. For me, the committees I coordinate are the Business Data Challenge Committee, Symposium Committee and Study Tour Committee. As the coordinator of these committees, it is important to keep an eye on what the committee is doing and steer them towards the right direction without taking over their job. The projects/activities I am responsible for are the Tasty Tuesday/Thirsty Thursday, Introduction Activities and Bachelor Excursion. Unfortunately, a lot of this was impossible to organize this year, given Covid-19, but in general these projects can be very interesting and as you organize it yourself, you also learn a lot from this.

Aside from all the tasks associated with a board year, an important and fun aspect of being a board member is the social aspect. Due to all the activities and working together with others a lot, a board year is great for developing new and interesting connections. This can both be great fun, as well as a great addition to your professional network. This year working at our rooms has been barely possible due to Covid-19, but normally this also adds a lot to the social aspect of being a board member.

All in all, a board year at Asset | Economics is a great thing to do. There is a lot that can be learned from it, through all that you are responsible for. You can really make that your own by all the different committees, projects and portfolios that are available. This will help you develop both professionally and personally. Next to the development and learning, a board year is also great to do because it is a lot fun as well!

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