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Opening borders: too soon or just in time for summer?

Author: Mike Schapendonk
May 29, 2020

Writing a new article today in the sun, my feet in a little swimming pool and slathered with sunscreen. All I can ask for is doing this at one of my favourite holiday destinations. A lot of countries are opening their borders for tourism, but is this the smart thing to do or is it too early?

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Birthday Asset | Economics

Author: Annelotte Vroon
May 20, 2020

11 years ago, Asset | Economics got established out of a fusion between all the existing economic study associations of Tilburg. In this article, I will tell you more about the developments we have been through and the growth we have experienced.

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Interview with a member: renee hekerman

May 14, 2020

For this month’s blog article, we have interviewed an alumnus of our association, namely our very own former Chairman; Renee Hekerman! Renee is currently a Corporate Finance trainee at FrieslandCampina, after finishing her Bachelor’s Economics and Business Economics in Tilburg and Master’s in Finance & Investments in Rotterdam.

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Crime in economics: Ponzi schemes

Author: Jelle Veldman
May 08, 2020

One of the well known crimes in economics is explained below. Read here how one trick became worth $65 billion dollars!

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Corona crisis in practice

Author: Mike Schapendonk
April 29, 2020

Hospitality employment agency Mise en Place went bankrupt, which caused thousands of students to lose their side jobs as a consequence of the corona crisis.

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chairman: annelotte vroon

The broad and mysterious side of being the Chairman is something I like and have cherished this year. You can achieve a lot and put a print on the association your heart is full of. In this article, I will tell you more about what it is like to be the Chairman of the board and give you more insights into the job.

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Schnaps und Frauen, but different

Author: Jelle Veldman
April 8, 2020

If you think this article is about having a good night out, you’re wrong. This quote is a famous line of Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Curious why he is combining women and schnapps with economics? Read it in this new blog article!

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external affairs officer: Frederik dibbets

You know your board year is coming to an end when they ask you to write an article about your experiences this year. As the only External Affairs Officer this year, I will take you along into all the tasks you have in this function.

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Interview with a member: shaye olij

April 1, 2020

Most people study Economics to work in the business world, but not for Shaye! Unlike others, she has chosen her study to pursue a career in politics. Read more about why and how she believes that studying Economics contributes to achieving a political career.

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Dutch youth and their digital skills

Author: Mike Schapendonk
March 26, 2020

Digitalization is the main characteristic of the 21st century. The question is whether the Dutch youth is really prepared for this?

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Treasurer: Linda Pelzer

A common misconception of the function Treasurer within a board is that we are only busy with bookkeeping. However, I have experienced that it is not only bookkeeping with which a Treasurer within the board of Asset | Economics is busy, and in this blog article, I will tell you all about it.

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Author: Jelle Veldman
March 18, 2020

The developments around the Coronavirus have evolved tremendously. The economics effects are seen in the market, but what does this precisely mean?

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interview with a member: fleur de loijer

March 13, 2020

When you think of going on exchange, you probably don’t think of Germany that fast. In this blog article, Fleur tells you why she did think of Germany immediately!

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small businesses against food delivery services

Author: Mike Schapendonk
March 11, 2020

Home delivery is a magnificent market in which a lot of money is made. Who would have thought that one of the biggest market players was a student of Twente University?

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Secretary/Vice-chairman: Nienke Dierikx

Often, I have been asked what doing a board year is like. In this article, I will give you more insights into the position of Secretary/Vice-Chairman at Asset | Economics.

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Author: Jelle Veldman
February 26, 2020

The coronavirus is currently a trending topic in the news worldwide. What are the effects of this virus on the global economy and does this virus cause positive external benefits?

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Interview with a member: jamy van breda

February 19, 2020

The first interview with a member of our association is finally here! Hopefully, most of you know her as she has been engaged with the association since the academic year of 2015/2016. The first interview is with Jamy van Breda! 

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Future of Fossil Fuels From Thin Air


June 13, 2018

Fighting  for the environment can be done in multiple ways. Reducing the cost or accessibility of renewables is one way – energy sell-back, subsidies, and new technologies. More recently, EU decided to tackle 10 biggest single-use plastics within their jurisdiction, hoping to “deliver tangible results [..] before the elections in May 2019”. Those methods concentrate on avoiding future build-up of pollution.

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Decision making without boundaries – should we cherish it?


JUNE 5, 2018

People make dozens of decisions in their every day life. Some of small, and others of large importance. Although, we have to make many decisions during our life it remains difficult to make the right choice on the right moment.

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