Talent Day 2022

Please note: the Talent Day is highly recommended for the Master’s students who follow the course Applied Economic Analysis 2!

On Wednesday February 16, 2022, the Talent Day will take place! By attending this event you can meet and network with interesting companies. It is a perfect opportunity to develop your skills and to find your future employer.

The Talent Day consists of two rounds where five companies will give valuable presentations and cases in which you will gain insights into the areas they work in. After this, there will be a network drink and speed dates where the students and the companies can get to know each other even better and where they can discuss future career opportunities.

The participating companies this year are Deloitte (English), Ecorys (English), RBB Economics (English), Het Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid and Calco!

Please note: Het Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid and Calco will provide their case in Dutch!

Deloitte (English) is one of the largest providers of professional services in the areas of consultancy, audit and assurance, accountancy, tax advisory, risk management, and financial advisory. They are a reliable and innovative partner that gives other opportunities insight into the opportunities of their future business.

Ecorys (English) is a leading international research and consultancy company addressing society’s key challenges. They provide expert advice, give support in managing changes and help with the implementation of program management, communication and digital services. With these practical solutions, they want to make a difference in the world we live in.

RBB Economics (English) is a specialized consultancy, focusing solely on competition law matters. They recognize that every case is unique and they are responsive in their approach, tailoring the analysis to address the specific issues of each case.

Het Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid is responsible for the labor market policy, policy around pension, benefits and income and more. They are responsible for the regulation, the supervision of the rules, and the organizations that implement the rules in this area.

Calco is the largest IT talent discoverer in the Netherlands. They are specialized in training and coaching starting and experienced IT and finance professionals. They offer everyone the opportunity to develop into an IT professional. With their acquired knowledge, they also know how to make the best match between companies and trainees. With this, they have helped many companies to find young professionals.

Program of the day:

12.30h- 13:00h    Registrations

13:00h- 15:00h    Case round 1

15:00h- 15:30h    Break

15:30h- 17:30h    Case round 2

17:30h- 19:00h    Speed dates and informal drink

If it is not possible to organize the event in its original form due to the corona measurements, it will keep going on in an alternative form.

February 16, 12.30h February 16, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
February 10, 17:00h
Cobbenhagen building, Tilburg University
Participating companies

Dress Code

Business Casual


This event is organized by the Talent Day Committee

Contact Information

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +31 (0)13-4664040

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