Informal talk about a board year

Running a studentassociation: What is it about? Are you interested in doing a board year or do you want to have an open-minded talk with (one of) the board? Register yourself for a 'koffietje' (informal talk) with someone of the board of your preference! We can ellaborate more of our tasks and what doing a board year is during this informal talk. What your responsibilities are, what you will learn from it, if it is possible to do a board year during your study, and all other questions you might have: this is the moment to ask them and let you inform yourself more about this great opportunity. We can have a chat together when the pubs or rooms open again, online, or any other preferred place at any time, this is up to you.

Took place on April 30
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Below, you can indicate whether you would like to have a coffee date with a specific board function or a coffee date in general.

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