Inside the Business Day

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During the Inside the Business Day, you have the opportunity to interact and familiarize yourself with companies and the labor market. It allows you to develop a better understanding of the inner workings of the companies participating. The Inside the Business Day also enables you to orientate for your future career. For companies on the other hand, it is a chance to showcase their attributes and promote their recruitment process. Companies will do this by giving presentations about their company and you will be actively involved during the sessions. This event will take place online.

BMC (in Dutch)

BMC is a research and consultancy firm, with a broad scale of working areas in the public sector, such as education, social work and administrative affairs. Because of their wide range of topics, they are a partner of many institutions, like municipalities, educational and health care institutions, housing associations, cultural institutions, and more. They support public institutions with the improvement and implementation of policies.

Decisio (in English)

Decisio is an economic research and consultancy firm, which is specialized in spatial and economic research. They work for governments, intermediary organizations, and other businesses. Some of the areas they focus on are policy issues like bicycle mobility, wind energy, urban development, and sustainability. They try to answer these policy questions by making costs and benefit analyses, market studies and evaluations. Their focus is on the future, with developments in making the earth more sustainable.

E.CA Economics (in English)

E.CA Economics is a renowned European economics consultancy firm that builds its case-related advice in the fields of competition policy and regulation on thorough research. Their work in these fields includes mainly cartel and merger cases, but also abuse of dominance and state aid cases. The cases span over many different sectors and industries and they work both conceptually as well as empirically.

Frontier Economics (in English)

Frontier Economics is one of the largest economic consultancy firms in Europe. They use economics to help companies, public authorities and charities understand complex challenges, improve performance, make better decisions and keep ahead of the competition. They work on a wide range of topics, including competition, public policy, energy, telecom, strategy, transportation and water. Clients of Frontier Economics come from around the world and Frontier Economics helps them with their biggest challenges - market strategies, regulatory reviews, competition inquiries. Frontier Economics also helps governments design innovative policies and regulatory systems.

PGGM (in Dutch)

PGGM is one of the largest pension fund service providers and asset managers in the world. They provide services in the field of pension management, communications, integral asset management and executive advice to a range of pension funds, affiliated employers and their employees. Currently, they manage pension assets worth close to €250 billion for a range of clients and their 4.4 million participants.

September 29, 13.00h September 29, 17.30h
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September 22, 23:59h
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