Inside the Business Day

During the Inside the Business Day, students have the opportunity to interact and familiarize themselves with companies and the labor market. It allows them to develop a better understanding of the inner workings of the company presenting the case. The Inside the Business Day also enables students to put the theory into practice. Due to the interactive nature of the case session, students will develop the skills necessary for success in the labor market. For companies on the other hand, it is a chance to showcase their attributes and promote their recruitment process. Furthermore, the informal drink which follows the case provides an opportunity for companies and students to converse in a relaxed environment. At the same time CV-selected students will have speed dates with the companies. 

Program of the day:

12.30h - 13:00h    Registrations
13:00h - 15:00h    Case round 1
15:00h - 15:30h    Break
15:30h - 17:30h    Case round 2
17:30h - 19:00h    Informal drink + speed dates

This year we will have the following companies attending the event:

CBS (Case in Dutch)
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has seen a clear need among municipalities to carry out their own research using CBS data. This has resulted in Urban Data Centres aimed at gathering more insight into what is actually happening in the region.

How do you conduct research using CBS data and provide the municipality with optimal public policy support? We will take you through the process of how CBS undertakes such customized research. It starts with clarification of our client’s research question and ends with publication of the research findings.

Will you think along with us about how we can understand our clients even better in order to improve policy support?

E.CA Economics
Dr. Stefan Witte and Brecht Boone will present: ‘We will present a damage quantification case. Based on (hypothetical) repeated cross-section data, we show how to use standard econometric approaches to assess whether there has been a price overcharge and how high this overcharge most likely was. We illustrate the approach and go through a standard application step by step. There will be time for students to discuss their questions and ideas.’

Innogy Consulting
New business models in the context of energy transition.

Change has become a key topic of the European energy industry: rules change, players change, influencers change, playing fields change. In these turbulent times, utility companies need to reconsider their business models. It is not sufficient to focus on commodity products, where competitive pressure and regulation drive margins down every year. Players are looking to widen their product offerings to escape this commodity-trap.

During the innogy Consulting workshop you will first get an introduction to the fundamental mechanisms of the energy industry and then work with your fellow students on a case on specific non-commodity product opportunities and potential new markets. The case is a real-life example that comes out of our daily project work and we will challenge your information synthesis, strategic thinking and business judgement skills.

PGGM (Case in Dutch)
PGGM is one of the largest pension fund service providers and asset managers in the world. We provide services in the field of pension management, communications, integral asset management and executive advice to a range of pension funds, affiliated employers and their employees. Currently, we manage pension assets worth in excess of €215 billion for a range of clients and their 4,1 million participants.

Have you always wondered how we invest those assets? Then come and join us in our case where you will assess an investment we have looked at in the past. We will give you a framework on how we assess investments and in this case you will apply this on a possible investment for our private real estate team. You will receive and assess all information and present your conclusion to us whether we should invest or not.

So are you able to make the right decisions that will not only provide a good return, but that also fit the investment philosophy of PGGM Asset Management? If your answer is YES then sign up for our case.

Solid Professionals
Workshop: Solid Innovation in Banking Game!

Digitization, socially responsible banking, crowdfunding, mergers and acquisitions & social media of course. The banking world is changing! From the newest trends and technologies to stricter laws and regulations. But how are you going respond to these developments as a bank? The choice is yours during the Solid professionals Innovation in Banking Game.

Experience what it’s like to be part of the banks’ Management Team in a complex and changing environment. Together with your co-workers, you will form the board and face diverse challenging scenarios that require correct strategic choices. You’ll have to carefully consider between different KPI’s, and you have the opportunity to ensure the survival of your bank. Staying behind is not an option. Are you able to achieve innovation and financial health for your bank, while ensuring stakeholder satisfaction?

Took place on September 25, 12.30h
Registration Deadline
September 17, 23:59h
Tilburg University
Participating companies


English: E.CA Economics, Innogy Consulting and Solid Professionals
Dutch: CBS and PGGM

Dress Code

Business Casual


This event is organised by the
Inside the Business Day Committee


Contact Information

Phone: +31 (0)13-4664040

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