Inside the Business Day

During the Inside the Business Day, students have the opportunity to interact and familiarize themselves with companies and the labor market. It will enable them to develop a better understanding of the inner workings of the company presenting the case. The Inside the Business Day also enables students to put the theory into practice. The interactive nature of the case session enables students to develop skills necessary for success in the labor market. For companies on the other hand, it is a chance to showcase their attributes and promote their recruitment process. Furthermore, the informal drink which follows the case provides an opportunity for companies and students to converse in a relaxed environment. At the same time on CV-selected students will have speed dates with the companies. 

Program of the day:

12.30h- 13:00h    Registrations
13:00h- 15:00h    Case round 1
15:00h- 15:30h    Break
15:30h- 17:30h    Case round 2
17:30h- 19:00h    Informal drink + speed dates

Took place on September 26, 12.30h
Tilburg University
Participating companies


English: DLL, RBB Economics and PwC
Dutch: CBS and PGGM


This event is organised by the
Inside the Business Day Committee

Contact Information

Phone: +31 (0)13-4664040

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