Economics Office Tour

On October 8, Asset | Economics organizes her new event: the Economics Office Tour. This event will be an Inhouse Day to Fakton Energy in Rotterdam. Fakton Energy deals with financial, strategical and developmental problems in the field of space and real estate. Fakton is a precursor in integral energy exploitation and tries to accomplish affordable, sustainable energy for every neighbourhood. Examples of their projects are: Energy transition around Rotterdam, Betoncentrale in Arkel, and Residential Area Ackerswoude in Pijnacker. More projects can be found on their website.

During the Inhouse Day, you get the chance to interact with the company and her operations during the Management Game. Fakton sees the urge of sustainability in area developments and this will be addressed during the Management Game. How do you realize the optimal division between sustainability, and financial and social feasibility with complex housing development? How do the interests of different parties merge? Fakton challenges you in this game to come up with a creative solution and is looking forward meeting you in Rotterdam!

The program of the day will be as follows:

13.00h - 13.30h: Reception
13.30h - 17.00h: Company presentation + Management Game
17.00h - 18.00h: Closing + informal drink 

Note: The company presentation and the Management Game are both in Dutch!

Took place on October 08, 13.00h
Registration Deadline
October 06, 23:59h
WTC Rotterdam
Participating companies

Dress Code

Business Casual

Contact Information

Phone: +31 (0)13-4664040

Registration for this event is closed...

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