The Charity Committee presents: A Lottery for a Better World

The Charity Committee of Asset | Economics has as it's goal to give something back to the community. This year, the Charity Committee will organize a lottery and the proceeds of this lottery will go to the Grameen Foundation. The Grameen Foundation specializes in providing micro loans in developping areas to promote economic growth. 

Tickets for the lottery cost only 1 Euro and you can win some interesting prizes! Prizes include:

- 2 X 2 Tilburgse Trappers tickets

- 2 tickets for a Willem II match (including 10 consumtions)

- several cooking books 

- 2 gift certificates for "Van de Maker"

- several items of Pleiade goodies

- 1 tour through Stadsbrouwerij 013

Thank you for participating!

The winners of the lottery will be drawn on the 12th of June. You do not have to be a student to participate, everyone can get a ticket so ask your friends and family to participate as well!

Took place on June 12, 12.00h
Registration Deadline
June 12, 10:45h
Tilburg University
Participating companies

Charity Foundation

Grameen Foundation


Organized by the Charity Committee

Participation Fee


Contact Information

Phone: +31 (0)13-4664040

Registration for this event is closed...

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