The Economics Battle

On May 9, the Economics Battle will take place!

During the Economics Battle you compete in teams for the title ‘Best Economist of Tilburg’ and some awesome prizes.

Challenging questions will be provided by dr. Angelopoulos, who is an expert on the Digital Economy with his research on Social Networks, Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Information Systems.

Besides, dr. Van Tuijl will show the presence of data in Sports Economics, one of his favourite fields of study. During the FIFA World Cup in 2018 dr. Van Tuijl tried to predict the results of the matches with the help of statistical analysis. In the end, Van Tuijl did a better job than well known company Goldman Sachs. Apart from the academic questions, a case will be provided by De Kleine Consultant (DKC). This company helps talented students develop their strategy consulting skills through real on-the job work-experience.

Took place on May 09, 12.30h
Cz110, Tilburg University
Participating companies


Digital Economy and Data


This event is organised by the Economics Battle Committee

Dress Code

Business Casual 

Contact Information

Phone: +31 (0)13-4664040

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