Baking for the charity Quiet Tilburg

The Charity Committee will bake some delicious cakes, cookies, brownies and even a pie for you and if you order it, you will help the charity Quiet Tilburg as well! The committee will bake on February 8 and can be picked up at the Esplanade on February 9 and February 10, so it is freshly baked for you. The revenue will go to the charity Quiet Tilburg. Quiet is an organisation with multiple departments in the Netherlands. They are committed to improving solidarity between people living in poverty. So while ordering it you will not only treat yourself but also the charity Quiet Tilburg. More information about Quiet Tilburg can be found here.

Took place on February 08, 10.00h February 09, 17.00h
Registration Deadline
February 07, 16:00h

Contact Information

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +31 (0)13-4664040


This event is organized by the Charity Committee

Registration for this event is closed...

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