Inside the Business Day Committee

During the Inside the Business Day students learn more about the daily line of business of a certain company.

Organize one of the biggest events of Asset | Economics. For all students, it is important to find out what their desired future career looks like and how they can achieve this. The Inside the Business Day can help students figure this out!

During the Inside the Business Day several companies present cases to students. The various companies all fit to a certain track of the master economics. These cases should help students orientate on the labor market; see what jobs belong to a certain track. The committee will therefore do a lot of acquisition to arrange enough suitable companies and assure that the cases are relevant.

In the previous editions, participating companies included APG, RBB Economics, EY ,Van Lanschot, Rembrandt F&O, BOM, ACM, Syntrus Achmea and Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Mijntje Janssen
Axel Hurkmans
Secretary/ Promotional Officer
Ad Snijders
External Affairs Officer
Job Brouwers
Tara Manders
Total members
Hours per week

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