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Who are we?
Asset | Economics is a study association, which is linked to Tilburg School of Economics and Management and was founded in the summer of 2009. We serve all Bachelor students studying Economics and Economics and Business Economics, as well as all students in the Master Economics and the Master International Business Tax Economics at Tilburg University. We count over 800 members, for whom we organize several (recruitment) activities. Asset | Economics provides students the opportunity to attend these activities to stimulate interaction between students, businesses and the academic world. In order to best serve our students’ interest, we of course need you!

What do we offer?
Asset | Economics offers several possibilities to promote your company among our members and students. This includes online exposure on our website and Social Media and attending a variety of (recruitment) activities with interested students. Furthermore, it is also possible to place a vacancy, internship, traineeship or a student job on our Career Platform and promote it among our members! Besides this we host multiple career events for our students, which are named below.

If you are interested in cooperating with Asset | Economics or if you want more information, feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. It is also possible to contact us via telephone: +31 (0)13-4664040

Inside the business day

The Inside the Business Day is one of the biggest career event of Asset | Economics. During this event, we welcome several companies which are interested in our Economics students. This day will give you the opportunity to introduce your company to 40 to 50, mainly master students in two rounds during the day. This means that this career event enables companies to give a business presentation and provide our students with a presentation, case, training, or workshop. In the break in between rounds there is the possibility to network with the students in a more informal manner. Afterwards, students are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss cases or career options. The Inside the Business Day gives you the ultimate opportunity to profile your company as a future employer!

Inside the Business Day


Economics Dinner is the ultimate opportunity to come in contact with students over a three-course dinner. During each course you will meet a new set of interested students. Companies can select these students themselves based on their CV out of a pool of mainly master students. The informal nature of this event allows you to network with students who are actually interested in the companies, without the formality of a case or presentation. The contacts layed out during this event have resulted in participants who start working at the participating companies.

Economics Dinner

Master Experience day

The Master Experience Days (MED) is an event organized in collaboration with Tilburg University. The purpose of the MED is to give students a better idea of the career possibilities after the master Economics. This is the ideal opportunity to profile your company as a future employer directly when students choose the Master Economics at Tilburg University.  During this event, some alumni of the Master Economics will talk about how they have experienced the Master Economics and where they started working. Afterwards, a presentation and case from an interesting company will take place to indicate what career opportunities students have after their studies.

Master Experience Day

Talent day

The Talent Day is one of the biggest career events organised by Asset | Economics. With this event, we welcome several companies to Tilburg University.The Day consists of two rounds and speeddates or an informal drink. During the rounds, companies give a presentation and a case, workshop, or training.  In the break and during the drink afterwards, the companies and students get the opportunity to get to know each other in a more informal setting. During the informal drink there is also the opportunity for some companies to have speeddates with the students of their choice. Every company will see approximately 40 to 50, mainly master students during the two rounds. The Talent Day gives you the ultimate opportunity to profile your company as a future employer!

Talent Day

business data challenge

The Business Data Challenge is an initiative from Tilburg University in collaboration with study associations Asset | Economics, Asset | SBIT, and S.V. Flow. The event focuses on Economics, Information Management, and Data Science. The goal of the Business Data Challenge is to allow students to convert the theory and knowledge they gain during their studies into practice. Collaboration, mutual learning, and solution-oriented thinking are central to this. During the day, students will solve an extensive case provided by one of the partner companies. The results will be judged by a later determined professional jury and the winning team will receive a prize. The day will end with a dinner and an informal drink where you can network with all students.

Business Data Challenge


The Economics Battle is a formal event for bachelor Economics and ‘Economie en Bedrijfseconomie’ students. During the Economics Battle multiple student teams compete against each other for the title ‘Best Economist of Tilburg’. Every year the Battle had its own theme. Previous themes are ‘The digital economy’ and ‘Cartels’. During this event, students solve a case provided by a company and academic questions provided by a professor. Afterwards there is an informal drink where you can network with the students. The participating students are often more serious and for example looking for student work or an internship. 

Economics Battle

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