Interview with a member: Jasper de Groot

Today, you can read an interview about someone who has been a part of our association for a full year now. Namely, one of our beloved members of the freshmen committee: Jasper de Groot!

Jasper is currently 21 years old and studying the bachelor Economics at Tilburg University. After he did a year in between to get the hang of Mathematics B, he started the Econometrics bachelor in Tilburg. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get a positive BSA and decided to continue his student life in Tilburg with the Economics bachelor. After his Economics degree, he still hopes to pursue a masters in Econometrics. The reasons why Jasper chose to study in Tilburg were quite practical: cheap houses and relatively low requirements for a positive BSA, he thought. Once settled in Tilburg, he decided to stay due to the cosiness of the city and the fun he experienced in his first year. 

During his time as an econometrician freshman, he already joined the activities of one of our sister departments: Asset | Econometrics. This was the first time he got in touch with Asset and this made him, a.o., decide to join Asset in his time as a freshman at Economics. The other main reason was that Jasper loves to meet new people, he even calls this his hobby, and that he is a very social guy that loves to hang out and enjoys some nice drinks in the bar. 

The parties and cosiness is something he truly experienced well at Asset | Economics this year. He also experienced his own committee, the Freshmen Committee, as very cozy and very fun to participate in. “Sometimes it was a bit chaotic, but I am glad that I have done it and got to experience this unique situation”, is how Jasper describes his first year of being an active member. He has learned a lot and even misses his fellow committee members in these times.

When I ask Jasper about the most fun activity he has organized, he mentions the Game Night. During this night, the committee organized a sort of pub crawl but then with games. In each cafe, you play a game together with your group against another group and in the end, the winner of the evening won most of the games and received the most points. You got in contact with a lot of different people by this and got to see the city centre of Tilburg as well. 

During this year, Jasper’s function within the committee was the function of the chairman. He really enjoyed this role and got to learn a lot. He mainly learned to plan well and to be clear in the communication towards his fellow committee members. Furthermore, he learned to assign tasks to people and to motivate them to do certain tasks. 

For next year, Jasper is not sure about doing committee work at Economics yet because he might want to experience the student associations in Tilburg as well. He also enjoyed his time at Economics a lot and describes us as a very cosy association where he feels at home and you get to know a lot of people. ‘I would definitely recommend doing committee work in your first year of studying because you get to know a lot of people, it is super fun, you get to enjoy great parties and it looks good on your cv!’, is the last quote of this interview and one we can only highly appreciate and agree upon!

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