Board application 2019-2020

General Information

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to develop yourself besides your studies and improve your CV? Do you want to distinguish yourself? Apply now for a position in the Asset | Economics board of 2019-2020!

Why do a board year?

There are various reasons why a board year is an excellent opportunity to learn a lot and have a great deal of fun at the same time.

First, during a board year you can develop yourself. During your studies, only little attention is paid to practical skills. During a board year, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your practical skills. Skills like: taking the lead in meetings, negotiating, presenting for a large audience, getting things done under pressure and working closely in a team. Companies prefer students that have been active besides their studies, and a board year certainly looks great on your CV. A board year usually follows after having done some committee work, and allows you to further develop the skills you have acquired as a committee member. However, some of the greatest board members have never been active before doing a board year - anything is possible, as long as you are motivated and driven.

Second, a board year is great fun. It is a very social job with active members dropping by during the day. Also, the atmosphere in building E with all the other departments is vibrant. Besides the activities you organize yourself, there are a lot of informal  activities where you will meet heaps of interesting people and have a good time.

Board positions

There are five board positions available: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary/External Affairs Officer, Treasurer, and External Affairs Officer. You can find more information on each function in the menu.

You can also plan a meeting with the current board members to ask questions about their specific function by sending an email to or by asking one of us in person.

Application procedure

To apply, we ask you to send in a motivation letter (1 page) and your resume to In your motivation letter, please include the following:

- Small introduction of yourself;
- Explanation of why you want to do a board year;
- Reasons why you think you are suitable for a board function;
- Explanation of the function you prefer and why this function fits you.

After the deadline, we will plan an interview with you.

More information

If you have any questions regarding a board year or the application procedure, do not hesitate to ask us! You can send a mail to or you can drop by at our room (E105).


Of course it is good to discuss your interest in a board year with people whose opinion matters to you. However, to avoid any speculations and to ensure that your announcement will be a true surprise, we advise you not to tell everybody about your application.

Summer Period

During the summer period you will be busy with your conveyance together with your predecessor. Therefore we expect you to be present 3 days per week (on average) during this period, so that you can start your board year in the best possible way.

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