Former board experiences

Here we want to give you some insights about the experiences from former board members. Those varies from study experience to working experiences and from 10 years ago till last year. What were their reasons to do a board year and what did they learn to bring them further in their further life?

JEROEN de smet:                      vice-chairman - 2020/2021

Hi all, my name is Jeroen de Smet. In 2020-2021 I represented Asset | Economics via the role as Vice-Chairman. Eventhough the Covid-19 pandemic had just started, I was extremely motivated to make the best out of it. I needed a break from my studies and at the same time I wanted something more serious with real responsibilities. This is exactly what you'll deal with during your board year. I learned to prioritize, to be more precise. I also gained more discipline. Therefore I managed to pass three courses during my board year! Lastly, my communication skills also improved tremendously. All-in-all, whatever reason you have to apply for a board year, there is no wrong reason and you should definitely do it!

Annelotte Vroon: Chairman - 2019/2020 

My name is Annelotte, and I did a board year at Asset | Economics in 2019-2020. I fulfilled the role of Chairman at Economics, together with the role of Secretary in the general board. I started my board year with 7 courses left for my study, which is obviously quite a lot. However, I wanted to focus on something else then studying for a year to hopefully gain some new energy for finishing my studies after the board year. And this energy is exactly what I got! Asides, because your board year is very busy, it teaches you to plan well and prioritize a lot. Due to these gained skills, I eventually finished up my bachelor very smoothly within 6 months after my board year and even flown through my master as well. So, if you are looking to develop these skills as well, you should definitely apply for a position! 
If you want some more information from me, feel free to contact me at any time at +31641098115!

Jiri van baren: Treasurer - 2018/2019

In 2018-2019, I was treasurer on the board of Asset | Economics. The treasurer part of the function gave me more insight into how accountancy really works in practice. Although I didn’t end up as an accountant, this brought me skills that I still use today such as making profit/loss/risks analyses. Apart from being a treasurer, you are also a board member. For me, this part was the most important since I learned how to work together and be decisive in meetings. In my opinion, these are fundamental skills which are welcome in every job. Next to that, it gave a real boost to my communication skills and I got familiar with stakeholder management, which is very important for my current role as a Business analyst. Lastly, besides all skills you learn during a board year, it’s also a year full of social interaction and meeting people which brings lots of memories!

Jamy van breda: secretary/external affairs - 2017/2018

The most practical things that I have learned during my board year are the dynamics within a company, as in essence you are running a small business together with your fellow board members. Each board member responsible for another division of the business. Working together, being responsible and accountable. In my combined role as Secretary/External Affairs Offer, proper time-management and stakeholder management were crucial. This helps me on a day-to-day basis in the dynamic loyalty industry I am currently working in. Next to that, doing a board year for me was a great way to discover your strengths and weaknesses in detail. Being aware of those before the start of your professional career makes you a very valuable team-player. And maybe even more important, doing a board year is a lot of fun! I enjoyed every minute of it and surely would do it again. 
If you want to know more about my experience, feel free to reach out.

Joris van Twist: chairman - 2012/2013

Hello everyone, my name is Joris van Twist and I did a board year at Asset Economics in 2012-2013. By working closely together with my fellow board members for a full year I learned a lot about working together in a team and sharing responsibilities. In my role as Chairman I also gained a lot of experience by cooperating with the different departments within Faculty Association Asset. In addition I have learned how to behave in a professional manner towards relations such as companies and representatives from Tilburg University. All in all, my board year was a great experience in which I was able to develop myself as a person and as a professional in a way I could not have done by only following lectures. I still apply the knowledge and skills I have obtained during my board year on a daily basis in my current job at KPMG.

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