Function description - Secretary/EXTERNAL AFFAIRS OFFICER

As the Secretary/External Affairs Officer of the board, you have a variety of responsibilities and possibilities. Responsibilities include keeping the website up-to-date, the year planning, maintaining the Facebook and LinkedIn page of Asset | Economics,  writing and sending the monthly mail of Asset | Economics, writing the minutes of the weekly board meetings, Department Members Meetings (DMM) and the Board of Advice meetings (BoA), maintaining the administration of both Asset | Economics and Asset general and being representative in the weekly Secretary’s Meetings (SM) and bi-weekly Webmaster Meetings (WM). Simultaneously, you are responsible for all company contacts and you will participate in the Acquisition Meeting (AM) together with your fellow External Affairs Officer.

As a secretary, you are responsible for keeping the website up to date. You have to make sure that among other things the activities and committees are up to date, with the right format and style. You are the only person who is responsible for the entire website, so you can create your own style in it. The layout of the website is the same as all the departments. You will participate in the Webmaster Meeting, where topics like layout and functionality of the website are discussed. We are currently working on developing a new website, which will be launched at the end of the summer.

Together with the secretaries of all other Asset departments you meet bi-weekly in the Secretary's Meeting, which is responsible for all subscriptions, the mailings and the member database of Asset. Furthermore you are responsible for the all the outgoing mail and messages of Asset | Economics. The biggest task in this is sending direct mailings of companies and the monthly mail. This monthly mail will be send to more than 700 members of Asset | Economics. This is similar to what you do and learn with keeping the website up to date. 

Most of your time will also be spent with general board tasks. Coordinating both formal and informal committees, arranging events organized by the board and socializing with the active members. 

The thing that makes this position so beautiful is that you have a double function. Next to your tasks as secretary you will also be the second external affairs officer of Asset | Economics. Which means you are responsible for all contact with companies, other associations and other partners. You are ultimately responsible for the acquisition for formal events, maintaining contact with existing partners as well as tapping new markets and partnerships.

You will also participate in the weekly Acquisition Meeting (AM), this Faculty-Wide Organ (FWO) is responsible for organizing Asset-wide events like the Master Experience Days (MEDs). During this meeting, we also coordinate acquisition between the different departments.

If you have want to know more about the function of Secretary/External Affairs Officer, you can click the button below or send a text to 06-27290252!

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